About the company

We offer the organization of the entire logistics process, such as the transportation of tarpaulins, containers and trailers from the sender to the recipient, and we also arrange other services, such as storage, unloading, loading etc. We have a modern vehicle fleet, and our drivers are experienced and certified.

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The company TRANSPORT AND TGM d. o. o. strives to become one of the leading providers

transport of goods and logistics and a recognized and respected company in Slovenia and in the European area. Renovating and increasing the vehicle fleet enables us to achieve long-term and stable growth. At the same time we also take care of successful business relations with customers and ensure high quality services and constant development in the field of transport and logistics.

Our operatives provide 24-hour availability and quality service. We also familiarize ourselves daily with with all the innovations coming from European centers, as we strive to be as professional as possible.


Boštjan Reja (founder of TRANSPORT IN TGM d. o. o.) bought his first truck and decided to try himself as an independent entrepreneur in transport. The quality of service has delivered increased amount of work, so in 2011 his s. p. transformed into the company Transport in TGM d. o. o., and shifted exclusively to international freight transport. Today, the company can boast of many years of experience in the organization of road transport and with a large number of business partners from all over Europe, but mostly cooperates with leading logistics companies from Turkey.